Favorite Monogram Tote Bags

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When it comes to fashion, accessories to me are the end all be all. They are made to enhance and highlight an outfit or a color. I can never seem to get enough as there is always a reason to find just the right something for that new dress or event that I have to attend. Do you know what I mean?

I really have a weakness for handbags and totes. Some of them are just so cute and can really make a difference in the outfit I choose to wear that day. If I want a pop of color, then I choose a bright handbag. If I want just a small clutch for my keys, phone and lipstick, then I choose another purse. Having several different styles really is a fashion necessity.

One of my favorite bags this season is the monogram tote bags. Having several great looking totes really is a must have because of all of they different ways they can be used. I use mine a lot daily due to taking my business with me where ever I go. Having a bit of extra space along with fabulous style is a plus and I can take important files, electronics and more with me wherever I am heading for the day.

With the choice of a quality leather tote, canvas and even nylon tote, there are so many amazing choices. I love having one for the beach, one for shopping, one for travel and one for business. That way I can just grab and go! Am I nuts or do you do that same thing?

This season I know there are so many new totes out there just begging for my attention. Have you found some favorite monogram tote bags that you cannot live without? Yeah, me too! Share your favorites below or grab your faves and pin them!

Find Your Maid of Honor Gifts

‘Tis the season of weddings and looking for just the right gift can be a time consuming process. Choosing something special for your attendants is important – to you and to them, especially when it come to finding the right maid of honor gifts. We have been adding so many fabulous items in the shop so we can make it easy for you to find your maid of honor gifts and wedding attendant gifts.
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Jewelry is a traditional gift given for weddings. Many, many brides choose to give a memorable piece that can be worn during the wedding so each attendant looks the same and then have a special jewelry item after the fact. Monogrammed bracelets, earrings and necklaces are a beautiful choice and we have an awesome selection of amazing pieces that are sure to please your bridesmaids and maid of honor. I know that you will find just the right one.

Other popular choices to give as gifts are monogrammed stationery, travel cases like a jewelry box or a travel weekend bag, a lovely monogrammed clutch bag, and a spa robe are all popular thoughtful gifts that are well received by all.

Come by the shop if you are in Greenville or swing by our website to check out these ideas and more. We have everything you are looking for when it comes to finding the right maid of honor gifts for your special day.

Monogrammed Black Yoga Pant For Comfort Anytime

The trend over the past year for more comfort in women’s clothing is not going away anytime soon. I think we all can appreciate how nice it is to not feel constricted in our clothing. One of the break out clothing items that has almost become a fashion staple for many women is the yoga pant.
monogrammed black yoga pant http://www.thepinkmonogram.com/65211/monogrammed/monogrammed+black+yoga+pant/
The yoga pant, while created for exercise and such, is also a fabulous pant to wear for about town for errands and for those lazy weekends we treasure so much. They are great for layering with our favorite tops and jackets and they work hard on so many levels in our closet.

We have a beautiful pair of monogrammed black yoga pants that is a lovely addition to your closet. We have all of the monogram options available for your new pants that includes fun single monograms, traditional 3 letter monograms and also text monograms for names and teams. With over 25 different thread colors, you can create a fabulous looking monogram that you will love to wear while exercising, relaxing or running around town. What is your favorite way to wear your yoga pants?

Stop by the shop to see these great pants along with all of our exercise and workout wear options, including a matching 1/4 zip jacket! I think we have a great selection where you will find many must have’s for your closet!