We Are in the Pink for October

October is the official month for Breast Cancer Awareness and marking that awareness is the color Pink. As you can imagine, we are all about pink since it is even in our name! We wanted to show off some of our newest items in glorious shades of pink that you can grab to help support your love of pink anytime and breast cancer awareness too. Check out these lovelies!

Monogrammed Rugby Hoodie Pullover In Many Colors
We Are in the Pink for October
This is a gorgeous hoodie and the fat stripes make it perfect for casual wear with a preppy influence. Love it!

Ladies Monogrammed Quarter Zip Pullover
We Are in the Pink for October
Perfect for working out in the cool mornings and evenings or as an extra layer during the cold winter months. Beautiful color that blends with everything.

Monogrammed Rain Jacket with New Fall 2015 Colors
We Are in the Pink for October
This rain jacket is one of our best sellers and in comes in 2 lovely shades of pink and multiple other colors too! A must have for every climate

Join us and help remember those with breast cancer this month. Go Pink!

Perfect Cotton Fashion Choices

This time of year it is tough to know what to wear. It is either going to be cool outside or it is going to be warm. Or it starts off cool then warms up. You just never know, making it tough to decide what to wear. Cotton is always a great choice because of its ability to breathe. Plus it is so comfortable too!

Cotton does not have to mean jeans or t-shirts either. We have some beautiful fashion choices made with cotton that I think are a great option for the wacky weather!

Monogrammed Chambray Shirtdress
Perfect Cotton Fashion Choices

This dress is a perfect choice with its soft blue chambray color that mixes with so many thing. 100% cotton with a side zipper for easy dressing. Plus 3/4 sleeves that can be rolled up too! Perfect! Add a free monogram if you choose.

Monogrammed Gingham Pullover
Perfect Cotton Fashion Choices

For pretty layers or on evenings that are a bit chilly, this pullover is a wonderful choice with a cotton blend that will keep you warm. 3 gorgeous color choices and a free monogram too!

Monogrammed Cotton Chambray Scarf
Perfect Cotton Fashion Choices

I love this scarf. It is long enough to wrap or throw across your shoulders when chilled. The color is so soft and pretty so it is just right for layering too. A free monogram comes with the great price too!

All of these awesome fashion pieces are made from cotton so you can layer them up easily or wear them as is. Cotton has changed the fashion industry and it still is a fashion staple.

Do you enjoy wearing cotton? What is your favorite piece you wear often?

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

For those that love clogs, finding a way to wear them most of the year can be a challenge. But today, with the different fabrics that are available and the great accessories like fun hosiery, it just got a bit easier.

If you are like me and love clogs, here are some tips that you can use to enjoy your clogs during the winter months and beyond.

tips to enjoy your clogs during the winter months

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

* For cold and wet climates, clogs area great option – With a thick solid heel and base, your feet will be protected from the damp ground. Look for clogs with deep ridges on the sole for great grip and traction.

* Add some warm hosiery for the winter months – Look for warm tights to wear under your dresses or slacks. Or add some wool socks in fun patterns. The beautiful cable knit socks are so pretty with choices from the ankle to over the knee. So perfect with clogs! Leg warmers are back in style and are a nice choice for layering with your clogs too.

* Choose a style for the colder climate – There are so many choices in clog styles today. You can find boots with a clog bottom. Also the traditional closed-toe and closed-back clogs are perfect for winter wear. Other fun choices are those lined with faux-fur, sherpa or fleece for warm feet during the colder months.

* Choose warm materials – Leather is very traditional for clogs and perfect for cold weather. Look for fun leather like metallic or a croc pattern for a pretty change. Wool is also a great choice for winter wear. Amazing colors that you can mix and match to blend in with your fashion style or go bright for a pop of color. Personalize it with a fun monogram or leave them plain for everyday wear.

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

Make sure to protect your clogs from the elements for the longest wear. Applying the correct treatments takes just a minute but will give your clogs the added protection they need. Wearing your clogs during the colder winter months and all year round is not only easy but will give you both comfort and style.

Stop by and check out all of the amazing leathers and wool choices we offer. just click on the image and you can see how easy it is to create a beautiful clog you will love to wear. Plus sign up for our newsletter for up to the minute notices on new products,sales and promotions.