New Monogram Fonts for Jane Wilner Luxury Linens

Do you love a fabulous looking bedroom? You know the one that has beautiful color and design that makes you want to sigh. Then you spy the gorgeous bed dressed in impeccable bedding that features a fabulous embroidered monogram and loads of pillows that is just begging you to fall into it and snuggle in for the night? I know I sure do.

If that sounds like a dream to you, we can help you create that dream with impressive luxury linens from Jane Wilner that we carry in the shop. These special linens are timeless, custom pieces that allow you to create your master retreat that you have been dreaming of for so loneg. We have added some specialty fonts, just for the Jane Wilner Design linen line and they are gorgeous! This one is on a shower curtain. I love the two color choice.
We offer pillow shams, duvet covers, bed skirts, coverlets, neck roll pillows, and more in our store. You can even add a matching shower curtain for the master or guest bath to complete your collection. The effect is stunning and something you will treasure for years.

If you are looking for the perfect way to spice up your master bedroom and create the oasis you have been thinking of, stop by and check out the beautiful linens by Jane Wilner we offer in the shop. Choose a stunning new monogram font in your perfect color and soon you will be enjoying a peaceful sleep in a bedroom fit for royalty.

How to Care for Clogs

We love clogs and if I could, I would wear mine every day. As it is, I probably have 10 different pair that I rotate along with my other shoes too. Knowing how to care for your clogs is important for the life of the leather and fabric. Here are some tips to help you care for your clogs so you keep your shoes looking great all year long.magenta clogs with white monogram

How to Care for Clogs

* Use a leather/suede or fabric spray protector as soon as you purchase them. This will repel water and stains and keep them looking good. Read the directions and reapply as necessary.

* Leather conditioner is a great choice to keep your clogs looking fabulous. It keeps the leather supple and moisturized so they do not crack. It will help with scuffs too.

* For spot cleaning your fabric clogs, use a damp cloth first to blot the stain and if necessary, a tiny drop of mild liquid soap on the cloth to clean a spot. Make sure to use a clean damp cloth to remove soap residue. Allow to air dry before storing.

* To clean your leather or suede clogs,use a beeswax or leather cleaner on the tops only. Do not use on the wood bottom. Use a damp cloth to clean the wood.

* To get mud and caked-on dirt off of the soles, use a toothbrush dipped in water and mild soap, if necessary, to scrub out the treads Then towel dry completely to keep the wood as dry as possible.

* Avoid getting your clogs wet. If they do, allow to air dry completely.

* Store your clogs at room temperature. Avoid storing your shoes where they would get extreme temperature changes. That can affect the leather, wood and/or fabric.

I hope these tips help you keep your clogs looking great for a long time! For more information on our clogs, swing by the site or our shop and check them out.

Get it There by Christmas With a Gift Certificate

gift certificate the pink monogram
Last minute shopping can be fun but it can also be stressful when you are looking for that exact item your loved one wants. If it happens to be an item that needs to be monogrammed or engraved, disappointing them is not something you want to do. The good news is that you can still get them what they want with a online gift certificate from The Pink Monogram. Its easy!

Choosing a gift certificate from The Pink Monogram is a great gift. They are perfect for shoes that need personalization or the perfect cell phone case. Wonderful for someone that has it all and you just have no idea what to give and best of all, they are perfect for last minute gifts.

You can choose to email it to anyone and it will be there before you log off. Plus our gift certificates come with a lot of extra features too.
1. Roll over credits (buy a $35 item, and your left over gift amount is waiting for your return)
2. Partial purchases ($15 left when you are buying a $25 item, you are only charged the difference)
3. Yearly reminders (In you forget your card, we send a yearly reminder)
4. Card grouping (If you receive several cards, we group them together automatically)
5. Tax and shipping are not charged when you purchase Gift Cards

So who do you need to buy for still this holiday season? Thankfully, you are not in trouble! Stop by and finish all of your gift buying in a flash!

Happy Holidays!