Beautiful Neutral Clogs for Your Spring Fashions

Neutral shoes have been a fashion staple for many years and they do not seem to be going anywhere soon. Having a lovely neutral shoe or clog in your wardrobe this spring and summer will be the perfect addition to tie in all of the hot colors of the season. You can pair a neutral clog with pants, dresses in maxi or mini, jeans, leggings, capri’s, and even your shorts.

A neutral clog is a key item to have in your closet. The great thing about choosing neutrals is that they combine with everything plus they tend to make your legs look longer. The neutral shoe is something that you can wear anytime, any where with style and grace. They will never go out of fashion even as other colors come and go.

Beautiful Neutral Clogs for Your Spring Fashions

With our gorgeous leathers and wool fabric to create a custom pair of clogs, you can choose from several of our standard neutrals. I love the awesome platinum leather, honey leather and the gorgeous wool in Sandstone. This slightly pink shade will blend with so many colors and offset them too. It will work as a fabulous Nude Shoe too!

Color is important to many when it comes to fashion but neutrals can make a large impact too. Plus they are amazing for blending with other colors to enhance your fashion statement. Add a pair of clogs to your must-have list and create them in a lovely neutral color, perfect for spring and summer wear. You will be glad you did.

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