My Favorite Things! Plus it is ok to live Outside the Box!

Since The Pink Monogram is new at blogging ( really it is Monica), I thought I would show everyone my favorite things!  I tried to add them all in one picture so you could get a good idea of me! The combo is Monogrammed Clogs Chanel No5, Lilly Pulitzer, Costa Sunglasses, and my Louis Vuitton. Yes, The Pink Monogram did monogram my LV Bags.  I did it this am after much thought and decided that I really needed to carry something that we monogram in the store. I tried the classic Block Serif.  Before I have floods of people asking me to monogram their LV I would prefer not too!!  I still love the way mine turned out.

When I was in Atlanta last month at the LV Store I noticed they are doing monogramming. It is printed not embroidered on the bags!  The Monogrammed Clogs on the left are brown leather and have a hand painted leopard high heel.  My new favorites are on the right and are called Bomber Jacket!  Those are on a brown high heel.  Those are not monogrammed.  The leather was just sent in and I made me a pair really quickly. Love that new color. It reminds me of an old pair of my Frye Boots!!

Close up of the Embroidery done on my LV Computer Case!
Here is one of my many pairs of Main Line Jeans from Lilly Pulitzer.  I paired them with a pair of my Monogrammed Clogs!


We wrap all of that Preppy stuff together and here is what I drive.  Candy apple red Mustang Convertible.  This is for the wild side that just will not stay conservative!

So there you have it!! Preppy Greenville SC Girl with an “outside of the box” attitude toward life!

I am off the get a pedicure and the fabulous nail salon next to my Hayood store called Kim’s Nails. My mom treated for my Birthday!  Strawberry  Margarita Pink from OPI so they match me!
See ya !

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Learning curve!

The Pink Monogram High Heel Clog

  I thought I might start by trying to add some shots of items that we have on the site that are new.  I will start off slow with the blog and as I learn more I will add. Trust me- I am watching all of you out there to be my teachers! Soon I will have it! Hate to be the one that is not up on all the Tech stuff!

   Here are some shots of our newest Monogrammed Clogs.

Mocha Nubuck with Turquoise Dots  
Black Leather with Zebra Heels            

All of the Monogrammed Clogs are custom made shoes.  Each one is done to order @The Pink Monogram.
We are very proud of the quality of the Clogs we deliver to our customers.  I have heard from many of you that you have worn your shoes daily for years and they still look good as new!   I would love to hear some of your comments about the shoes!  Thanks for reading my first real try at The Pink Monogram Blog!  I am a visual person so you will see more photos and less text from me in the coming weeks!