New Recessed Monogram Jewelry for Fall

Our custom jewelry has been popular for many years and each season we love to bring in new styles that are perfect for adding that special pop to your outfit. Plus they may cause some envy from your friends too!

Check out some of our top faves for this season! I am in love with them. I hope you will be too!

New Recessed Monogram Jewelry for Fall

New Recessed Monogram Jewelry for Fall - 3 letter recessed monogram necklace
Classic Recessed Monogrammed Necklace
Also known as Relief Monogram, this recessed pendant is amazing. Available in 3 sizes and 3 metal choices!

New Recessed Monogram Jewelry for Fall- large 2 letter recessed monogram necklace
Large Double Initial Classic Monogram Necklace
If you love to live large, this gorgeous recessed relief pendant necklace is calling your name. With 5 metal choices, this statement piece is one to treasure for years!

New Recessed Monogram Jewelry for Fall -recessed monogram ring
Monogrammed Recess Ring
The classic ring is one for the ages. With a recessed background that allows the monogram to pop, you will find yourself wearing this all the time! 8 metal choices for a lifetime of wear.

All of these gorgeous jewelry pieces are now available in the shop. Perfect for your fall fashions and even as a gift for that special someone. Stop by and check these out. They are custom made and hand cut just for you so they do take a bit longer to make. But the results will be so worth it!

Got questions?? Contact us and we can help you!

Add a Pop of Color with Bright Lisi Lerch Earrings

Sometimes we get caught up in the humdrum of the same old colors and the same old outfits day after day. We often look to accessories to add a bit of spark to our day and our clothing. A colorful scarf. A bright lipstick. Even a hot color shoe and handbag.

Today, I am excited to share a delightful way to add that pop of color to your outfit with the amazing work by Lisi Lerch. These fabulous bright earrings are so popular and we offer a huge array of her styles, perfect for summer outings or work place fashion. Take a look at just three of her pieces.

Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings |
Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings come in a rainbow of awesome colors. Perfect for day or evenings on the town. These beaded beauties will brighten your day!

Lisi Lerch Vivi Earrings from
Lisi Lerch Vivi Earrings are just right for an evening out. 6 gorgeous colors to choose from in these statement earrings. Just love them!

Lisi Lerch Margo Earrings- Bright and Beaded - found at
Lisi Lerch Margo Earrings are so popular right now. With clip or post style available, you can choose from 17 awesome colors to compliment your wardrobe. They will take you from day to evening easily.

Plus Lisi Lerch also makes necklaces and other styles of earrings. Swing by the site and check them all out. It is easy to add that pop of color with her bright beaded works of art.

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop

I love color and when it comes to fashion I think there is nothing better than to have a pop or flash of color that takes your outfit to the next level. This spring, I have some amazing new jewelry accessories that you will love! These hand painted bangles by Stacy Brown are just the ticket to create a fabulous outfit with the pops of color you love!

Tell me what you think….

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

This hand painted beauty is called Here Comes the Bloom and it is darling! I love the combo of the flower and the initial. Sp personal and pretty!

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

This red and white buffalo check is awesome! I love the color pop and it is just right to blend with anything. Perfect for casual or not so casual! Other colors available too!

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

If you love pink, then this bangle is a fabulous choice. The sweet candy stripe are just right for blending with all of your colors. I love this one!! Check out the other colors too!

All of these fabulous pieces are from the Stacy Brown Collection and are available for custom order!