10 Spring Colors You Want for 2016 by Pantone

We are already starting to think about Spring. With spring break on our minds and the warm sun itching to peek through, dreams of beautiful color is becoming a reality as we flip through fashion magazines and watch the new times come into the shop.

We love color. From bright neons to the muted shades of neutral classics, color is a fun accessory to add to our arsenal of fashion. Pantone, the leader in color creation, loves to share their top picks for the seasons color choices. This coming Spring you will find amazing shades of these top ten colors all over the runways and in your stores. They call these a unisex palette, since men and women will find comfort in blending these for pops for color and with neutral basics.

The Top 10 Spring Colors for 2016 by Pantone

* Rose Quartz – gentle and soft
* Peach Echo – a soft, warm orange shade
* Snorkel Blue – marine blue
* Serenity – beautiful shades of greyish blue
* Buttercup – happy and yellow like the flower
* Limpet Shell – amazing sky blue
* Lilac Gray – a beautiful blend of two for a lovely neutral
* Fiesta – tones down red with hints of yellow
* Iced Coffee – an amazing mocha brown
* Green Flash – fresh like new grass but a tad muted

10 Spring Colors You Want for 2016 by Pantone

One of our new items we have this season is our monogrammed pullover hoodies. They come in 44 amazing colors and many of these shades hit the notes for the Pantone’s list perfectly. Check out these gorgeous choices!

Pale Pink
Carolina Blue
Steel Blue
and so many more gorgeous options!

A great choice for spring to add some color into your life! Which is your favorite must have color for this spring?

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