Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop

I love color and when it comes to fashion I think there is nothing better than to have a pop or flash of color that takes your outfit to the next level. This spring, I have some amazing new jewelry accessories that you will love! These hand painted bangles by Stacy Brown are just the ticket to create a fabulous outfit with the pops of color you love!

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Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

This hand painted beauty is called Here Comes the Bloom and it is darling! I love the combo of the flower and the initial. Sp personal and pretty!

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

This red and white buffalo check is awesome! I love the color pop and it is just right to blend with anything. Perfect for casual or not so casual! Other colors available too!

Hand Painted Bangles for Spring Fashion Color Pop - by Stacy Brown at The Pink Monogram

If you love pink, then this bangle is a fabulous choice. The sweet candy stripe are just right for blending with all of your colors. I love this one!! Check out the other colors too!

All of these fabulous pieces are from the Stacy Brown Collection and are available for custom order!

Whats Hot in Spring Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is so much a part of our fashion. We can say so much about our self by simply choosing a particular piece of jewelry. With the season changes often comes changing trends in fashion. Today we are looking at some of the hot trends in jewelry that is hitting the shops and runways. Here are a few of our favorites!

What’s Hot in Spring Jewelry Trends

Whats Hot in Spring Jewelry Trends - colored pearls

Fun Fashion Pearls – In case you haven’t heard but color is everything this season in women’s fashion. The pearl is a classic when it comes to your jewelry wardrobe but this season you’ll want to pick up some fun and funky colored pearls from the fashion jewelry market. The bigger, bolder in color…the better!

Charm Bracelet – Charm bracelets have been around for many decades and women just love them. These days you can find many jewelry designers with their own line of charm bracelets. Add one to your wardrobe that expresses your life and who you are. Perfect for stacking!

Big & Bold Bracelets – One of the biggest jewelry trends this season is the Big and Bold Bracelet! You can stack several together or wear one big statement making piece. Mix your colors, metals, sizes. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The more you pile on, the better!

Whats Hot in Spring Jewelry Trends - boyfriend watches

Statement Watch – Gone are the days of dainty wrist watches! For the past few years we’ve seen boyfriend style watches everywhere! While the boyfriend (large-face watch) is still in-style, it does get a bit of a feminine make-over this season. Look for a big, bold, statement watch in fun or funky colors – or like ours – Monograms!

Big Floral Necklaces – Spring is finally here and one way to celebrate it’s arrival is with a big and bold floral designed necklace! Make sure you pick up a few in the hot citrus colors of the season!

Which of these are calling your name??

Top Jewelry Trends for Winter

Jewelry is one of those accessories that becomes a personal part of the look and feel of our style. With the huge variety of items in different metals, colors, and designs to choose from, you truly can take an outfit from nothing special to something wonderful with just the right jewelry piece.

Just like clothing and other accessories, jewelry trends tend to come and go too. Certain aspects of a cut of a stone or the design of the setting can change over time. Some metals become more popular and new metals are introduced. However, the basics and the classics are always in style and always on trend.

Top Jewelry Trends for Winter

If you love following and wearing the trends in fashion and jewelry, you will want to see what is hot in jewelry this season.

Here are the top 5 Jewelry Trends for Winter

* Wide Cuff Bracelet – Perfect for stacking with other pieces or wearing alone. The Wide Cuff bracelet is a beautiful statement piece that you can choose in metal, enamel, acrylic or other fabrications. Perfect for monogramming too!

* Long, Multi-Neck Chains – There are so many fabulous designs and styles that are just made for layering with other chains and necklaces. Plus many are long enough that you can double them and wear a single piece on is own. Very versatile!

* Multi-Finger Ring – This trend has been seen on runways for the past few seasons. Usually made with metal in either gold or sterling silver, these rings bring a lot of interest to your style. 2 finger rings are very popular but you can also find 3 finger ones as well.

* Classic Hoop Earring – These hoop earrings never go out of style but this year we are seeing them with a twist. Additional design elements are being added with beautiful results and plenty of design options.

* Statement Watch – A timeless piece that is perfect for adding to your jewelry box. Statement watches usually are made with larger faces and bands, sometimes called boyfriend watches. They come in many types of metals, wood, acrylics, and a rainbow of color and design choices. Patterns, monograms, and textures make these a perfect addition to your love of stacking and trends.

Accessories and jewelry is trendy yet a perfect compliment to your style. What is your favorite jewelry piece for this winter?