Tips to Properly Care for Your Fine Linens

You invest a lot of money into purchasing the perfect linens for your home. So you will want them to last for a long time and still look fabulous. Most linens today are pretty easy to care for but we do want to share a few tips with you so you can make sure that yours looks beautiful every time you use them.
Single Letter Pillow from Matouk
* If you spill something onto your linens that you feel will stain them, blot the spill up immediately using an absorbent paper towel or clean cotton cloth. Do not rub the spill which will cause it to spread and will rub the stain into the fabric.

* Check to see if can use stain remover products like Tide-to-Go or Spray-n-Wash, following manufacturer’s directions, and then launder as soon as possible.

* Just like regular laundry, whites should be washed together and colors washed separately. In a perfect world, your linens should be wash separate from other clothing so zippers or buttons do not damage your linens. This is especially important if you have monogrammed products.

* Use cold to lukewarm water to do the wash. Turn the dryer down to a low heat temperature or hang your linens to air dry as high heat is not good for linens. Make sure to take your laundry out immediately and do not over dry them.

* If you notice a tear or snag in any of your linens, you need to mend it immediately. Most repairs can be done by anyone with some basic sewing skills and others will need to be dealt with by a professional seamstress, depending on the damage to the fabric.

* If you don’t like fold lines in your linens, you can try rolling them up like a sleeping bag for storage in your linen closet. For the most beautiful sheets and linens, iron out any wrinkles or fold lines using some water to steam the wrinkles out. Or you can use a garment steamer for lovely results.

Using these tips and by following the manufacturer’s instructions, you should have beautiful linens to enjoy that will last a lifetime.

Create a Stunning Bedroom With Monogrammed Linens from Matouk

After a crazy busy day there is nothing quite like secluding yourself in your bedroom, hopping in the tub for a nice long soak and some relaxing time. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? And to make it even more special, having a marvelous looking bedroom would just let the stress fall away! It is not hard to create a comfort zone full of peace and relaxing decor. You can start it with some amazing monogrammed linens from Matouk that will help to create your special place.
We have been working hard to update these stunning linens and making it super simple to order what you want. The Matouk linen line we offer is fine quality and you cannot imagine how amazing these linens feel and look. The linens are sized right for a nice big monogram to really showcase the embroidery. The color selections, styles and thread colors all are geared to create the amazing retreat you only see in magazines.

If you are in the Greenville area, come by the shop to see these linens displayed. It is something else to see, touch and feel these in person. You can also place your order on line. Either way, you will be able to enjoy these linens in your new bedroom within a few short weeks. It truly is worth the wait!

Classic Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow From Matouk

I love home decor especially when you walk through a door and you feel instantly welcomed and wow’d. For me it is clean and classic decor that will just invite you right in to sit down. I have a new item that will help you create that same feeling in your home. It is the Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow from Matouk and it is a stunner.
Classic Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow From Matouk
This gorgeous pillow is made with classic in mind. Perfect for any room in the house, personalized prep goes a long way when this monogrammed pillow comes into view with a standout over-sized initial that is finished with a matching trim. It is available in a 3 trim colors to blend in beautifully with your rooms decor. This pillow will take your room to a whole new level. While I love the cursive monograms, this is such a beautifully crafted pillow and the single letter monogram really stands out and makes an big impact.

What room can you see this in your home? Bedroom, living room, sitting room? I don’t think it matters in the least! Personally, if I was getting married, 2 of these gorgeous pillows would definitely be on my wedding gift list! Why no add them to yours?