The Well Dressed Home

You all know how much we love our fashion and accessories, but keeping a well dressed home is also important too! A beautiful home gives you peace after a hectic day. It shows you care about yourself, family and the comfort of others. It also shows that you are grateful and blessed.

Some tips for a well dressed home include losing the clutter. Surround yourself with the things you love displayed in groupings, like pillows, picture frames, candlesticks, etc. Bring in the colors you love and splash them against amazing neutrals. Add touches of personality through monograms and whimsy.

The Well Dressed Home

Monogrammed Silver Classic Frame
Cluster Monogrammed Silver Classic Picture Frames
Monogrammed Throw Pillows
Patterned Monogrammed Throw Pillows
Monogrammed Canvas Pillow-choose from 100 patterns
Monogrammed Canvas Pillow-choose from 100 patterns!
Fancy Interlocking Script Monogram Wall Decal
Fancy Interlocking Script Monogram Wall Decal
NEWPORT Bedding Collection
NEWPORT Bedding Collection for the well dressed bed

What special touches do you love in your well dressed home? Find all of these and more at The Pink Monogram. Click on the image to be taken to the product page for more information.

Luxurious Matouk Blankets and Throws for Chilly Nights

The best part about fall and winter is the chilly nights and mornings. There is nothing like the feeling of wrapping yourself into a fabulous blanket and snuggling down into the soft, dreamy fabric and warming up. Even a chilly afternoon spent by the fireplace reading an awesome book or watching a movie is enhanced by wrapping yourself in amazing fabric.

If that sounds like heaven on earth, then you are going to love the newest addition to our home decor and linen line. I know you have heard of Matouk, the creator of amazing and luxurious linens and blankets for the home. Today I want to share with you these soft, warm and luxurious blankets and throws that you will fall in love with. Made from the finest fabrics that not only look good but also feel wonderful on your skin! These beautiful blankets are not only extremely functional but they are durable too.
We have brought in an amazing selection of Matouk blankets and lap throws in all sizes that will help carry you through a chilly night and early morning freeze in style and comfort.

You can enjoy the finest of fabrics like:

Lightweight Egyptian Cotton
Cashmere Soft
Dream Modal
Marino Wool

The question here is how can I choose just one? These amazing blankets are sure to make your winter a cozy one and they can make someone else smile too. A fabulous gift idea for the holidays or a wedding gift to be treasured. Stop by the shop and find your favorite!

Beautiful Personalized Pillows For The Home

I love the look when you add lot of pillows in a room. To me it just invites a cozy nap and it looks fabulous too. Whether they are added to a guest room, master bedroom or the living room space, having beautiful personalized pillows and shams can give the room that special touch.

We have been involved with making custom pillow for many of our customers and we have some beautiful ones to share with you so you can get a feel for what we can do. There are many beautiful fonts and colors that you can use to enhance your home’s decor. Which one is your favorite?

 Jane Wilner personalized pillow

Spring personalized pillows

personalized velvet pillow

personalized velvet pillows