Classic Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow From Matouk

I love home decor especially when you walk through a door and you feel instantly welcomed and wow’d. For me it is clean and classic decor that will just invite you right in to sit down. I have a new item that will help you create that same feeling in your home. It is the Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow from Matouk and it is a stunner.
Classic Monogrammed Single Letter Pillow From Matouk
This gorgeous pillow is made with classic in mind. Perfect for any room in the house, personalized prep goes a long way when this monogrammed pillow comes into view with a standout over-sized initial that is finished with a matching trim. It is available in a 3 trim colors to blend in beautifully with your rooms decor. This pillow will take your room to a whole new level. While I love the cursive monograms, this is such a beautifully crafted pillow and the single letter monogram really stands out and makes an big impact.

What room can you see this in your home? Bedroom, living room, sitting room? I don’t think it matters in the least! Personally, if I was getting married, 2 of these gorgeous pillows would definitely be on my wedding gift list! Why no add them to yours?

Preppy Home Décor Tips for Spring

Are you a little bit preppy? It’s okay to admit it. We love the cute fashion style in home decor, accessories, and clothing that comes along with this style and we know a lot of you love it too. After all, that is kind of what we are about at The Pink Monogram. With spring here, refreshing our home decor is always nice to do so here are a few tips to get you in the spring decorating mode, preppy style!
Monogrammed Throw Pillows
Tip #1 – A staple in preppy home décor is the tartan plaid print. It is used in a lot of bedding, bath linens, toss pillows, table cloths, window toppers, dresser scarves, throw rugs, etc. Lighten up for spring and go with your tartan plaid print but in springtime colors like pink, yellow, lime green and orange. Think citrus colors in regards to your plaid prints.

Tip #2 – Another staple in preppy home décor is the checks and polka dot prints. Just like tartan plaids, you need to lighten up on your colors for spring. You can mix and match your prints just as long as you stay within the same color family or use completely contrasting colors like chocolate brown mixed with baby pink or baby blue which is a popular trend with preppy home owners today. Don’t forget to add a monogram to really take it over the top!

Tip #3 – For a lovely feminine touch, add splashes of pink…you can go with pink solids or mix in some fun pink and white gingham’s. For the ultimate look, look for linens that have rick-rack trim or fun printed ribbons used as trim or accents.

Tip #4 – Think outside the box! If you can’t find the right colored linens for your decorating projects, purchase white or neutral colors and dye them at home! Many think home dying is a difficult process which is a myth! With today’s home dyes, you can quickly dye any fabric in the blink of an eye.

Tip #5 – When adding Spring touches to each of your home’s rooms, make sure you carry those colors over into several areas of the room. If you add some spring colored toss pillows to your sofa, add another to a chair on the other side of the room. Don’t cluster just your spring colors in one little area, tie the room together by sprinkling them around the room.

Gorgeous Monogrammed Bedding Collection from Matouk

There is nothing like a fabulous bedding collection that is clean, simple and totally elegant. I love monogrammed bedding and pillows that bring in the beautiful Southern Style to a bedroom and I have the perfect set that you are going to love; The Le Scallop Bedding Collection from Matouk.
Le Scallop Bedding Collection from Matouk
These amazing set offers a huge selection of different pieces that you can mix and match to find your perfect decor for your bedroom. You can choose from some of their gorgeous Shams, Duvets, Coverlets, Neckrolls and more.

This collection comes in a choice of White or Ivory and there is over 100 different threads and tape colors to choose from. Also the Monogram styles are awesome! You can create an amazing look with these choices available to you.

Looking for a fabulous Holiday Gift? A Set of Euro Shams to match the bedroom colors would make a great Christmas gift for mom or a daughter. Wouldn’t you love to get a set like that? Gorgeous!

There is still time to order something special before the holiday! Cut off for this is Nov 30th, so come on by and check this Matouk bedding set out and all of our other monogrammed items. Give a classic gift this holiday!