Beautiful Personalized Pillows For The Home

I love the look when you add lot of pillows in a room. To me it just invites a cozy nap and it looks fabulous too. Whether they are added to a guest room, master bedroom or the living room space, having beautiful personalized pillows and shams can give the room that special touch.

We have been involved with making custom pillow for many of our customers and we have some beautiful ones to share with you so you can get a feel for what we can do. There are many beautiful fonts and colors that you can use to enhance your home’s decor. Which one is your favorite?

 Jane Wilner personalized pillow

Spring personalized pillows

personalized velvet pillow

personalized velvet pillows

Super Soft Minky Baby Blanket And Lovie Set

With the weather as challenging as it has been lately, there is nothing like snuggling down into a soft, warm blanket. Am I right? I love that cozy feeling! Babies have figured that out long ago and they have it down! Wrap them in cozy comfort and they will sleep. And we have that super cozy and soft blanket that is just right for babies of all ages! With our Minky Baby Blanket and Lovie set, your baby is going to love the soft touch.
Minky Baby Blanket set
Babies are so special. With that tender skin, we don’t want anything harsh touching them so this blanket and lovie set is just the ticket. I love the fabulous animal prints that we brought in. They are so perfect for boys or girls and you can monogram them with a single letter, 3 letter or a name. Your choice. Whatever the color scheme is for that baby in your life, we are going to have just the right blanket for you! There is 10 different color schemes and prints to choose from. How fun are these colors?

Babies are being born all around us, so why not choose something memorable like this minky baby blanket and lovie set to make sure that special baby in your life will enjoy a soft a cozy blanket and lovie to carry around? I think these make a fabulous set for a baby shower gift. I think any new parent will love this awesome baby gift too!

When Shopping in Greenville Stop by The Pink Monogram Store

We love our local business! We have been busy bees getting the store ready for the Holiday shopping season. At The Pink Monogram, we have to work ahead because of the time that it takes to custom make our products. When you are shopping in Greenville, I hope that you put us on your must see map of stores, because we have so many fabulous items for the home and for gift giving!
monogrammed shower curtain
Is your home ready for the holiday season? The Pink Monogram can help you spruce up your decor and be ready for guests this season! Take a look at the awesome shower curtain we just finished for a customer. Wouldn’t that look amazing in your guest bath? It really is stunning and such a classic style, it would look fabulous in any bathroom. Oh and perfect for a wedding gift!

This is just an example of the lovely items we offer in our store. Make sure to come by and say hello when you are shopping in Greenville. We would love to meet you in person and visit for a bit!