Bright and Colorful Loopty Loo Belt Buckles

The great thing about fashion is all of the cool accessories that you can use to create gorgeous styles and fashion favorites. Belts are a great way to create different looks with just a change of a buckle. We have an awesome collection of buckles that you are going to love! Bright and colorful buckles from Loopty Loo are beautiful and fun to wear. I just love how they can work with jeans or dresses and go from formal to casual in a flash.
Bright and Colorful Loopty Loo Belt Buckles
Regardless of what style of belt buckle you are looking for, we probably have it! Gorgeous buckles full of color and pretty images like florals, scrolls, damask, animals, places, stripes and so much more! You can get your fill of amazing colors with pinks and greens, blues and purple and so many more. What is your favorite color to wear?

Loopty Loo also offers darling buckles for the Holidays! Check out these fun Loopty Loo Holiday Buckles where you can find reindeer, doves, ornaments and more. They even have Halloween Belt Buckles! What a riot!

Come on by and check out these cool buckles and add a few to your closet for a easy update to your wardrobe. Enjoy picking out your favorites!

Enter to Win a Fabulous Monogrammed Belt Buckle

How much do you all love this belt buckle we have featured in our header? Isn’t it amazing?? Would you freak if I told you that you could enter to win this beauty?

That’s right!

We are featuring this buckle right now on The Pink Monogram Facebook page and would love to choose you as the winner! Can you even imagine wearing this amazing fashion accessory? Your friends would certainly be so jealous but since it is monogrammed with your personal initials there will be no swiping! LOL

The beautiful belt buckle is an exclusive to The Pink Monogram and this is hand cut in solid brass and plated in 14 kt gold. This buckle measures a large 3 by 3 inches and will vary slightly with your monogram letters. This buckle has an opening for a 1 1/2 inch strip on the back of the buckle but this monogrammed buckle comes without a belt strip, although we have plenty to gorgeous ones available that will make this a stunner! The retail value is $700.

Come on by and like our Facebook page and follow the directions on how you can be entered to win this amazing item. Hurry! This contest ends on Friday July 20, 12 and make sure to tell a friend too!

Sterling Silver Hand Engraved Belt Buckles!

                                                 Engraved Sterling Silver Belt Buckles

 Sterling silver hand engraved buckles- What a lost art and hard to find. Antique pieces are used to make a mold and then the buckles are cast in the lost wax process.

This is a one-at-a-time, hand crafted process.  First the mold is filled with liquid wax and allowed to harden.  Then the mold is opened, the wax extracted and hand finished to remove any blemishes.  Then the wax is put into a canister surrounded by ‘investment’ molding material.  When the perfect temperature is reached, the wax becomes liquid again and runs out of the mold (thereby being “lost”) and the molten silver fills the space left by the wax.

When cool, the canister is opened and the investment removed, your buckle is left where the wax once stood.  The hardware is soldered on and everything is hand polished to a mirror finish–ready for your monogram.  Then the hand engraving process is done to finish each beautiful product. Each piece has a special story!!!
Each sterling silver buckle comes with  a beautiful crocodile finished leather belt strip. You can choose either black or brown and your size. Sizes run 30- 40 and each belt has four holes for adjustments.

These items ship from Dallas, TX.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery for these custom items.