Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes!

I love the warm weather and summer months, especially when it comes to fashion and clothing options. Don’t you?? There are so many gorgeous options for footwear and one of my favorites are sandals. You just cannot have enough choices. I am loving the peep toes this season and here is why!

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! - bronze leather peep toe sandals

Do you love to personalize your stuff? Did you know you can create your own look by personalizing a pair of custom shoes and sandals? It is easy to do and it starts with selecting the type and color of leather or fabric, the base color, and the monogram or design.

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! Create your colorful peep toe sandals

What you end up with is a custom look that includes all of your personal passion and fire. Specialty designs and amazing colors are just right for summer fashion and comfort. With different heel heights, colors and design options, you can have it all!

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! Custom  leather peep toe clog sandals The Pink Monogram

Sometimes the black sole is just what I need for my outfit. I love that option and it is hard to find in a clog sandal.

What does your perfect shoe look like??

Beautiful Neutral Clogs for Your Spring Fashions

Neutral shoes have been a fashion staple for many years and they do not seem to be going anywhere soon. Having a lovely neutral shoe or clog in your wardrobe this spring and summer will be the perfect addition to tie in all of the hot colors of the season. You can pair a neutral clog with pants, dresses in maxi or mini, jeans, leggings, capri’s, and even your shorts.

A neutral clog is a key item to have in your closet. The great thing about choosing neutrals is that they combine with everything plus they tend to make your legs look longer. The neutral shoe is something that you can wear anytime, any where with style and grace. They will never go out of fashion even as other colors come and go.

Beautiful Neutral Clogs for Your Spring Fashions

With our gorgeous leathers and wool fabric to create a custom pair of clogs, you can choose from several of our standard neutrals. I love the awesome platinum leather, honey leather and the gorgeous wool in Sandstone. This slightly pink shade will blend with so many colors and offset them too. It will work as a fabulous Nude Shoe too!

Color is important to many when it comes to fashion but neutrals can make a large impact too. Plus they are amazing for blending with other colors to enhance your fashion statement. Add a pair of clogs to your must-have list and create them in a lovely neutral color, perfect for spring and summer wear. You will be glad you did.

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

For those that love clogs, finding a way to wear them most of the year can be a challenge. But today, with the different fabrics that are available and the great accessories like fun hosiery, it just got a bit easier.

If you are like me and love clogs, here are some tips that you can use to enjoy your clogs during the winter months and beyond.

tips to enjoy your clogs during the winter months

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

* For cold and wet climates, clogs area great option – With a thick solid heel and base, your feet will be protected from the damp ground. Look for clogs with deep ridges on the sole for great grip and traction.

* Add some warm hosiery for the winter months – Look for warm tights to wear under your dresses or slacks. Or add some wool socks in fun patterns. The beautiful cable knit socks are so pretty with choices from the ankle to over the knee. So perfect with clogs! Leg warmers are back in style and are a nice choice for layering with your clogs too.

* Choose a style for the colder climate – There are so many choices in clog styles today. You can find boots with a clog bottom. Also the traditional closed-toe and closed-back clogs are perfect for winter wear. Other fun choices are those lined with faux-fur, sherpa or fleece for warm feet during the colder months.

* Choose warm materials – Leather is very traditional for clogs and perfect for cold weather. Look for fun leather like metallic or a croc pattern for a pretty change. Wool is also a great choice for winter wear. Amazing colors that you can mix and match to blend in with your fashion style or go bright for a pop of color. Personalize it with a fun monogram or leave them plain for everyday wear.

Tips to Enjoy Your Clogs During The Winter

Make sure to protect your clogs from the elements for the longest wear. Applying the correct treatments takes just a minute but will give your clogs the added protection they need. Wearing your clogs during the colder winter months and all year round is not only easy but will give you both comfort and style.

Stop by and check out all of the amazing leathers and wool choices we offer. just click on the image and you can see how easy it is to create a beautiful clog you will love to wear. Plus sign up for our newsletter for up to the minute notices on new products,sales and promotions.