Monday – Back at Work

Most of you know that I get up very early and work. I was working on adding new items to the site till 11pm last night and I have been up today since 6am. Putting the finishing touches on adding some new picture frames to the site. This takes a while because I have to create the clusters – lists of options – to upload.

Sending out emails later today showing the new items on the site. We have finally added a larger sale area to the site in order to roll out inventory.

This is a great time to buy for Christmas since you can pick up several items for a portion of the cost. My customer service rep was out of town last week and it was tough to get much work done. Shelia will be back manning the phones today and most of my embroidery staff will be back in also. As many do not know – I can run the machines since I did it in the beginning by myself, but there is so much else to do now! Today I have many who do it for me along with my staff for accounting and shipping.

I have a feeling this blog maybe help me organize my day and keep me on track with what has to be done. Please feel free to ask me any questions and forgive my typing since my fingers run slower than my brain.

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