Home Decorating Patterns and Color Combinations for 2016

When you want to freshen up your space choosing your color combinations can be the hardest part! There are so many awesome color combos that look great together. And what about patterns? Do you favorite a certain pattern?

Take a look at some of the home decorating pattern and color combinations that we are seeing this year. Now I know why it can be hard to choose your favorite!

Home Decorating Patterns and Color Combinations for 2016

Home Decorating Patterns and Color Combinations for 2016

Color Combinations:

* Gray and White
* Pink and Lime Green
* Black and Pink
* Chocolate and Light Pink
* Chocolate and Light Blue
* Red, White & Blue – Nautical

Home Decorating Patterns and Color Combinations for 2016

Home Decorating Patterns:

* Chevron
* Checks
* Stripes
* Lattice
* Houndstooth
* Herringbone
* Tartan Plaids
* Argyle
* Gingham

Want to add some spark to your home? Try some of these gorgeous colors and incorporate some pattern into your space too! What is your color scheme?

Stop by the shop or our website and see what can spark your creativity today.

Home Decorating with Shades of Gray

Home Decorating with Gray – 5 Great Home Decor Products to Choose

Gray or grey, depending on where you are from, is one of the most popular colors when it comes to home decorating. It’s a great neutral color that is both appealing to men and women. It’s a color that never goes out of style and one that has been gaining even more popularity over the past several years.

Gray is a beautiful color for blending with other major colors such as black, navy, cream, gold, red, and more. Using shades of gray throughout the home in your decor to blend with other decor items makes for an elegant and custom look. It is no wonder that it is so popular.

For some additional accessories to add, check out these gorgeous home decor items from The Pink Monogram in shades of Gray (or Grey), and the Silver color palette. (Think wedding gifts too!)

Home Decorating with Shades of Gray -Matouk Esme Cotton Throw

Matouk Esme Cotton Throw is made out of super soft, 100% breathable cotton. It can be used year-round in most areas of the country or if you live in a warmer climate use it during the cold winter months. Beautiful on a bed, sofa or on your favorite reading chair. Measures 50″ by 70″ in size, perfect for snuggling too!

Wood Classic Vine Monogram is one of our paint-it-yourself home decor pieces and would look lovely painted in your favorite shade of gray. It’s made out of birchwood and measures 18″ by 22.5″ in size. This beauty is available in a 3-letter monogram.

Matouk Cardoba Alpaca Throw is for the person who enjoys the finer things in life. It’s made out of 100% baby Alpaca and measures 50″ by 70″ in size. This throw would look lovely on your favorite chair, sofa or folded up on your bed. Available in the color granite which mixes in well with all of your gray shades.

Home Decorating with Shades of Gray - Personalized Bold Grey Live, Laugh, Love Canvas Print

Personalized Bold Grey Live, Love, Laugh Canvas Print is customized with your family’s last name. This lovely piece of wall art measures 8″ by 18″ by 1/2″ in depth. Would look beautiful in any room of your home and would make a great gift!

Monogrammed Gray and Black Laundry Bag with pocket is perfect for any home or dorm room. This bag is machine washable and can be personalized with any name up to 12 characters. Measures 23″ by 24″ in size. This is also a great laundry bag for those who love to travel so they can keep their dirty laundry separated from their clean!

All of these lovely pieces are a beautiful choices for your home and make for amazing gifts too! With wedding season almost upon us, you have the perfect gift at your fingertips!

Best Monogram Ideas for The Home

Spring is a great time to start doing some sprucing up around the home. Decorating the home can be a relaxing and fulfilling task. The results are sure to make you smile each time you step into the room.

Decorating with monograms is a wonderful way to add a touch of personalization and color to a space. For a quick way to update and add interest to your home, check out some of these lovely ideas where monograms take center stage!

Best Monogram Ideas for The Home

Best Monogram Ideas for The Home from The Pink Monogram

Monogrammed Bedding – there is nothing like a set of custom linens for your bed. Whether you start with a set of monogrammed pillowcases or you get an entire set, it sets the tone for a relaxing and peaceful getaway right in your master suite.

Best Monogram Ideas for The Home from The Pink Monogram

Monogrammed Throw Pillows – Add some texture and interest with a few beautiful throw pillows in the living areas. With a touch of color and design, it is an easy way to bring in that missing touch for your home decor.

Best Monogram Ideas for The Homeincluding stemless wineglasses from The Pink Monogram
Monogrammed Stemless Wineglasses – Entertain guests in style with a set of gorgeous stemless wineglasses. A perfect addition to the bar and a lovely gift too!

Best Monogram Ideas for The Home including wall decals from The Pink Monogram
Personalized Wall Decals – These are a lovely finishing detail that any room would appreciate. Perfect for the kitchen, dining, living areas, or even in a bedroom. Amazing designs and colors to add just the right touch.

If you are looking for some of the best monogram ideas for your home, start with these lovely ideas. Small details make all of the difference!