Top 5 Preppy Fashion Pieces for Stylish College Women

Heading off to college this fall? If so, then you are going to be looking for some of the top campus styles and preppy fashion pieces to take with you!

College is an exciting time and being comfortable yet stylish while heading to class and participating in your activities is a plus. We have a huge selection of beautiful preppy pieces that you will want to add to your closet for college. Check out these top 5 pieces.

Top 5 Preppy Fashion Pieces for Stylish College Women

Top 5 Preppy Fashion Pieces for Stylish College Women - pink rugby hooded pulloever |

* Monogrammed Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt is available in 28 different color choices. Made out of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, machine wash and dry. Available in sizes Small through 4XL and available with a 1-letter or 3-letters monogram.

* Monogrammed Navy & Gingham Pullover is made out of a super soft cotton & polyester blend, machine wash and dry. The pullover features a banded bottom and sleeves with a printed collar and pocket trim. Available in sizes Small through X-Large.

* Monogrammed Hooded Rugby Pullover is made out of 100% cotton jersey, machine wash & dry. Available in unisex sizes of XXS through 3XL. Choose between 8 different striped color patterns with your choice of 1-Letter or 3-Letters monogram.

Top 5 Preppy Fashion Pieces for Stylish College Women - My favedriving mocs |

* Monogrammed Leather Driving Moccasins for Women are available in 4 different colors. Choose between monogrammed initials or a full name up to 7 letters in length. The perfect go-to shoe for running around campus and for weekend casual fun! These are my favorites for running around – all broken in and so comfy!

* Monogrammed Peep Toe Clogs feature a hand-carved wooden heel & sole with your choice in clog bottom. The uppers are made out of felted wool and are available in 41 different colors and patterns. Choose a 1-letter or 3-letters monogram.

Comfy, stylish clothing and shoes are a must have for college days and everyday living. Stop by and see these great pieces and so many others. You can choose to add monograms or not. Customize your look easily at The Pink Monogram!

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes!

I love the warm weather and summer months, especially when it comes to fashion and clothing options. Don’t you?? There are so many gorgeous options for footwear and one of my favorites are sandals. You just cannot have enough choices. I am loving the peep toes this season and here is why!

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! - bronze leather peep toe sandals

Do you love to personalize your stuff? Did you know you can create your own look by personalizing a pair of custom shoes and sandals? It is easy to do and it starts with selecting the type and color of leather or fabric, the base color, and the monogram or design.

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! Create your colorful peep toe sandals

What you end up with is a custom look that includes all of your personal passion and fire. Specialty designs and amazing colors are just right for summer fashion and comfort. With different heel heights, colors and design options, you can have it all!

Hot Weather is Coming! Pull out the Peep Toes! Custom  leather peep toe clog sandals The Pink Monogram

Sometimes the black sole is just what I need for my outfit. I love that option and it is hard to find in a clog sandal.

What does your perfect shoe look like??

Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Shoes

Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Shoes

It is that time of year when we have to start thinking about changing out the closet. Seasons are changing; fall is on the way and cooler nights and mornings are here. Switching from summer wear to cooler weather wear is not only about clothing. Many styles of our shoes need to be stored and swapped out too. Flip flops and sandals have to make way for clogs, boots, and closed shoes, and packing them up properly will make sure that they are ready for you come next spring and summer.

Here are some tips that you can use to make sure your shoe collection stays looking fabulous season to season.

Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Shoes

Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Shoes

* Clean and deodorize your shoes before packing them away – You want them to be fresh and clean next time you want to wear them. Use leather cleaners where appropriate and a slightly damp cloth to wipe down other shoes. Follow directions for the material used to make the shoe.

* Invest in a shoe storage system – There are under the bed styles, plastic shoe boxes for the closet, hanging shoe storage systems, shoe bags, closet cubbies, and more. Chose something that you love and will use!

* Never pile shoes on top of each other – Choose a system that allows for one pair per section. Placing shoes on top of shoes for long periods of time will deform the shoe.

* Store your shoes in a climate controlled area – Attics, basements, and other similar areas can be tough on your shoes. Keep them in an area where the temperature is moderate and not overly hot or cold.

Shoes can be expensive and it only takes a few minutes to switch out your seasonal styles. Taking the time to treat your shoes right will ensure that you will enjoy them for many seasons.

Do you use a storage system for your shoes? What is your favorite method for storing your shoes? Share with us below!